Unique,Painting of mosquito coils and Cigarettes

Fortunately Yuli Prasetiawan his name, he is a creative artist from Magelang, Central Java. Maybe you already know some names. Because his work is unique, using mosquito coils and smoke Bara, he used to be called Wawan Geni.

Interpreter young decor is strange and beautiful one. Creative ideas that he had struggled since 2003 comes from the habit of burning paper and it seems a technique of painting with fire.Equipment and facilities in the painting not as a painter generally only use the hot coals. Every painting media malaga paper, thick paper type that is usually used to wrap bread.
While coal can be from cigarettes, mosquito coils, incense and never use upet. But only the coal smoke and mosquito coils are considered the most effective way to paint, because the stable coal flame.

To complete the painting of Henry takes a long time, an average of three months for each of his works. Fastest-month, that if the painting of small paper size. But if the large size can be completed up to half a year.
Painting can be spent smoking 17 packs and 19 packs of mosquito coils. And cigarette and blew the embers of insect repellent, a painting can require thousands of times puffs.

How to blow the coals and cornering in this paper also requires special techniques for the mosquitoes do not smoke cigarettes or inhale smoke a lot.
He was only concerned with the direction of the wind, if the wind comes from the right he was blowing from the right, and vice versa. Finished painting, spray painting paper paint color transparent (clear), so that the paper would be more durable fans are not moldy.

The unique technique of painting with fuel the way it has been recognized by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). "Perhaps the combustion technique with the first painting in the world," said Muri led, Jaya Suprana.
And unsparing portrait of his work has been sold to foreign countries like Singapore. There are also many foreign tourists who come to Indonesia to see his paintings. One traveler from Japan said that he had never met like this painting techniques.

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