Susi Air Pilatus Porter aircraft inclusion

Susi Air impound (grounded) six Pilatus Porter plane manifold for an internal investigation. "We can not be sure until when flown again. Wait until the internal investigation is completed, "said Susi Air owner, Susi Pudjiatuti,in Jakarta, Thursday (04/26/2012).

Williams hopes the community and business partners commonly use aircraft to be advised.
Termination was related to the accident on Wednesday (4/25/2012) 11:40 pm involving aircraft of that type. Pilatus Porter aircraft registration PK-VVQ Susi Air's accident in the Tabang, Kartanagara Kutai, East Kalimantan. As a result, South African citizen pilots and a technician survey carter's dead at the scene.

According to Susie, Pilatus Porter aircraft currently operated by Air Susi lives of 6 units. Four aircraft are used to serve flights in Nabire, Papua and the two units to serve charter flights mainly to the survey. Ensured that all flights suspended.

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